Our company mission is “to think Life with Robot.”

In these days, robot is expected to be communication tool not only mechanical existence but IT equipment as robot to be computer with body.

We are specialized humanoid robot and articulated robot for service robot. As you know, humanoid robot development requires various technologies such as system integration, PCB board, CPU firmware, mechanical design, material, battery, software, internet, WiFi, communication devices, and so on.


We have a dream to realize “Life with Robot.” We developed RIC90 which can wear animal suit to realize physical contact with human.
The platform RIC90 will changed forms with Nekotencho as our character, Android character with Google, Galaxy X’mas hug robot for Samsung, School mascot and so on.
RIC90 gave a hug to 3000 or more people and share smiles in the all over the world.

These experience inspired us “No Physical Contact, No Service Robot.”
That is the reason why we started a project “Life Motion System” to give intelligence and sophisticated behavior/motion like animal to robot which stands by human beings.

We are the company of research robotics in Japan, but we are famous in robot shop.
Because we have robot shop to get budget for our research. You can understand that you support us if you buy robot parts from our shop.

Please fund the future to realize “Life with Robot.”

RT Corporation Profile

Company name RT Corporation
C.E.O. Yuki Nakagwa
Incorporation 2005.Sep
Capital Stock 190,000,000yen(including Capital reserve)
Address 3F, 3-2-13 sotokanda, Chiyodaku 101-0021, Tokyo, Japan
TEL +81-3-6666-2566, FAX +81-3-5809-5738
Child Company RT Forward Co. Ltd.
2F Hashidume Building, 3-2-13 sotokanda, Chiyodaku 101-0021, Tokyo, Japan