Basic Robot Arm for R&D

NEKONOTE is recommended for people who want to develop a robotic arm cheaply using ROS.

The Torque Command Type Motor unit Currenter is adopted.
Can be developed in JavaScript and C/C++ to use JSON.Not only robot engineers but also web programmers can move robots.
Capable of force control and position control.
Direct teaching possible.
Nekonote has been developed for R&D of cooperative robot arm.
Each axis is directed by a torque value, allowing for hybrid control of force and position.
Nekonote is a skeleton model, so the structure is easy to understand.
The design can be changed except the motor.
Model Name NEKONOTE 6DOF for Academic
Working Range 440mm radius
Operating Speed 40RPM
Payload weight 500g
Degree of Freedom 6 + 1(Hand)
Size 160×130×737.6(mm)
Weight 3.3kg
Communication Ethernet TCP/IP (Socket communication or HTTP)
Communication protocols JSON-RPC
Development support Library for JavaScript (Client-Side for jsNode.js)
End Effector USB
Power Source 100V
Price 1,800,000 JPY(exclude 10% Japanese Consumption Tax)
* Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice due to improvements or other circumstances.
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Kit Contents
NEKONOTE 6DOF for Academic
Control Box
Power Unit
Emergency stop switch
LAN hub with Wi-Fi repeater
LAN Cables
2 Clamps
E1 Emulator
Model Number:RT-NEKONOTE-Endef-A
Price:126,000 JPY (exclude 8% Japanese Consumption Tax)
Spec:One finger is rotated, it can grip the article of about 3cm width
Model Number:RT-NEKONOTE-Endef-B
Price:126,00 JPY (exclude 8% Japanese Consumption Tax)
Spec:Both fingers are rotated and can grip the article of about 5cm in width.NEKONOTE END EFFECTOR C
Model Number:RT-NEKONOTE-Endef-C
Price:150,000 JPY (exclude 8% Japanese Consumption Tax)
Spec:Both fingers operate parallel and can grasp the article of about 7cm in width.