Mr.W.Yoshizaki (V-sido) , Nekotencho and N.Nakagawa (RT Staff) won Infinity Ventures Summit 2012 in Hokkaido, Japan. V-sido is the software to operate service robot, especially humanoid robot. V-sido is not only applied to various of robot in market, but so huge robot Kuratus and life size humanoid RIC series like Nekotencho, in current status.
IVS aims to be gate for Japanese IT venture companies.

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We believe many people expecting business for robotics in the future from this win.
There are dreams and hope only right now, because robot application and business are not clear.

Comparing with investment of USA/Europe on robot business, 1/10 is the Japanese one.
Robot has no success story in current status and it unveils 10-20 years later.
Japan has best technologies on robotics, but business are failed because of less investment.

We try to our best to realize “life with robot”.
Thank you for your attention.

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