V-sido x RIC忍者マスター公開

RT Corporation, a leading Japanese robotic systems, hardware, and software developer, released the V-sido x RIC Ninja Master game featuring a life-size humanoid robot with real-time operator control using an Android tablet and the Android Open Accessory Demo Kit (ADK) at the Google I/O 2012 event held June 27-29 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Demonstration will be held at Booth 4 in Interactive Zone.

The exciting new game brings game characters from the virtual world into reality enabling players to experience real-time interaction with a full size humanoid robot. It’s the first time in the world that humans and full size robots can play interactively as a game.

Specifically, the game is managed by Android Tablet on robot face. Android tablet delivers “game start/stop”, “judgment of win” and robot control. Robot has sensor to detect “hit” or “damage” using ADK connected to Android tablet. RIC Ninja Master robot is operated in real time by image sensor and game pad, which are processed by PC. The challenge to play with human in real time is most difficult challenge for bipedal robot to realize robust performance because of management reaction of physical contact, robot balance during motion making with upper body and walk and so on.

RT Corporation’s stated goal is to give a ‘body’ to PCs, tablets, smart phones, and other devices, so that they can take action and interact with the physical world around them. To achieve that goal, RT’s development projects and products include Artificial Intelligence, advanced human/robot communication and interaction, as well as cloud robotics and other features.

RT has been an active participant in the Google I/O initiative and events in the U.S., Japan, and other countries since 2011. The company has a strong reputation in Japan based on it’s leading edge work in service robotics. It was the first company to release the Open Accessory Development kits – RT-ADK/RT-ADS. That kit, as well as the RT-ADK mini, are on sale at www.rt-shop.jp.

The V-sido x RIC Ninja Master game system uses an Android tablet and the RT-ADK mini board developed by RT Corporation. V-sido is the name of the humanoid robot control system software. RIC draws its name from “Robot Inside Character.”

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