9-axis sensor module for various applications.

Sensor module using a 9-axis sensor(MPU9250) made by InvenSense.

Board practicality
A 9-axis sensor and a microcomputer (lpc1343) are implemented on this board, and is enabling the acquisition of sensor data and processing of data on a single board.
Usage trend<>/b
This sensor module is designed for use in the development phase of products such as robots, Malticopta, Game/amusement, motion sensors, portable navigation, RC models, model helicopters, head mount displays, and so on.
The sample program is already written in the microcomputer, the sensor value can be acquired immediately only by connecting to USB or UART.
ROS compatible
Supports ROS (Robot Operating System) and a package for ROS available.

You can set the range and the filter on the board side by rewriting the microcomputer’s program by yourself.
When connected to a PC using a microUSB cable, the module is recognized as a virtual COM port.
The module can be used in exactly the same way as regular serial port from the application.
The output data is 3-axis acceleration, 3-Axis geomagnetic field, 3-axis gyro sensor, and temperature.
The data refresh cycle is 100hz.
Measuring range: Acceleration ±16[g]、Gyro ±2000[deg/sec]、Geomagnetic ±1200[μT]
Model Number RT-USB-9axisIMU2
Weight 4g
Sensor MPU9250
Sampling rate 100Hz
Low pass Filter Cut over 100hz
Protocol(USB,UART) 115.2kpbs
Microcomputer LPC1343 72MHz
Measuring range Set up to mpu9250 range
Price 20,000 JPY (exclude 10% Japanese Consumption Tax)
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