Control Board for Mini 4WD with 9-axis IMU sensor

AI Chip v3 is a mini 4WD control board that allows the remote operation of the mini 4WD and Autonomous Running Log.
Start selling on July.
Mini 4WD is a registered trademark of Tamiya Co., Ltd.
Mini 4WD body is sold separately.
Add AI Function to your Mini 4WD
You can make a Mini 4WD with the AI function easily by using this board.

The board is equipped with a standard control microcomputer, 9-axis IMU sensor and bluetooth
The board is equipped with a standard control microcomputer, 9-axis IMU sensor bluetooth
The H-Bridge motor driver is equipped with a module for rapid deceleration control and can be replaced when it malfunctions.
Autonomous Run
It is possible to run independently using a microcomputer and a sensor.Accurately grasp the course and adjust the driving speed.
Logging Information
Remote control of a mini 4WD using Bluetooth is possible from a personal computer or Android device.
Logging Information
The sensor information from the Mini 4WD can be obtained via Buetooth.The sensor information from the Mini 4WD can be obtained via Buetooth.
You can develop a microcomputer program and add it to your Mini 4WD.
For embedded equipmen
Board can also be used as a material for embedded equipment
Model Number RT-AICHIP-V3
Motor Drivwer DRV8850RGYR(TI)
Sensors 9-axis sensor(MPU9250) made by InvenSense.
Communication IC RN42XV(Microchip)(Option)
Battery LiPo Battery 3.7V 110mAh×1 for On board microchip
Display interface LED×2, Power status LED×1
Operation interface 2 Push Switches
size 83 mm x 65 mm
Supported Mini 4WD Type MA Chassis
Price 28,000 JPY (exclude 10% Japanese Consumption Tax)
* Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice due to improvements or other circumstances.
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Changes from the old product
The motor driver is now replaceable.
Change the motor driver to a module,
Even at the time of failure it became possible to replace it by removing it from the socket.
Change battery
Battery capacity increased by 10% than before.
Replace sensor with current product
9 axis IMU sensor whose production was completed MPU – 9150 manufactured by TDK Corporation was changed to MPU – 9250.
Equipped with EEPROM
With EEPROM, sensor calibration data can be saved.
Bluetooth module changed to option.
The Bluetooth module normally included in the product was selected as option from V3.
Bundled Items
AI Chip V3, Motor Driver Module,
LiPo Battery and Charger
Replacement Motor driver module, Bluetooth Module
Manual & Download*Providing Japanese version only
AI Chip V3 firmware, circuit diagram, processing sample program, sample program for Android, etc. Last updated:2019/04/01
*Providing Japanese version only
Manual *Providing Japanese version only (ver.1.0) 2018/07/17(1,673KB)
From usage to introduction of products
Wiring Manual *Providing Japanese version only (ver.1.0) 2018/0717(463KB)
How to wire AI Chip V3 and motor and motor power supply
MCUXpresso Environment Manual *Providing Japanese version only (ver.1.0) 2018/0717(586KB)
From download to environment building Windows version, Linux version