7-DOF Arm Robot for researches of collaborative robot.

X7 is compact, well styled and compatible for Ros Kinetic, Melodic and suit for research on collaborative robots.
Compact and Stylish! It is ideal for research of collaborative robots.

This product is built-to-order, so it takes about two months from order to delivery.

ROS package is uploaded to GitHub.

Work operation with obstacle avoidance
Redundant 7-axis, orthogonal-axis design allows for close-to-human operation depending on the program.
You can set the action to avoid obstacles.
Selectable Mode
By the ROBOTIS servo, the position, speed, and torque (current) control can be selected in the mode.
ROS Adaptive
Standard ROS Support.
Combined with a variety of ROS packages, the range of research is broadened.
Two Finger Hand End effecter equipped
The CAD data will be released.
You can make your own spare parts for repair, or make your own hand.
Compact Body
Body weight is approximately 1,800 g
Easy to carry and easy to set on a desk with a clamp.
Selectable body color
You can enjoy the color variations of the body parts.
The color can be selected from white 、 black 、 red 、 blue 、 yellow 、 green.
CRANE-X7 is jointly developed by Osaka University Hosoda Laboratory and is designed primarily for research and development.
This arm robot has a 7-axis structure and is possible to make the plan to avoid the obstacle and simulate a flexible operation such as a person’s arm.
Supporting Inverse kinematics by C++ and ROS(Kinetic Kame).
CRANE-X7 can be used to research and develop advanced processing using a rich range of ROS packages.
*ROS (Robot Operating System) is an open source software that provides packages and tools to help software developers create robotic applications.
You can easily assemble versatile programs using the packages and tools provided by ROS.
CRANE-X7 Dice Stacking Demonstration

CRANE-X7 Dice Sorting Demonstration

CRANE-X7 ROS Operating Screen

■CRANE-X7 Node.js+Three.js


MOdel Number RT-CRANE-X7
Working Range 500mm
Operating Speed See internal motor specifications
Payload weight 0.5kg
Degree of Freedom 7
End Effector 両開きハンド1
Size 130×100×708(mm)
Weight 1.8kg
Communication RS485
Internal Motor XM540-W270-R,XM430-W350-R
Power Source 12V10A 120W
Body Create with 3d printer
Price 900,000JPY(exclude 10% Japanese Consumption Tax)
Delivering This product is built to order.
So it takes about 1.5 months from receiving the order to delivering.
* Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice due to improvements or other circumstances.
CRANE-X7 Dimensions
ROS Screen Shot
PC Screen shot
Choose your own body color
You can choose the body color.
Color can be selected from the white, black, red, blue, yellow, and Green. May cost extra fee, if you choose more than three Colors.
If you click on the URL or the image below, you can set the color combination.
Color Example
Buy Now !
Please specify the color variation when you order the product.
This product takes 2 months to deliver.
Please be aware in advance.
The color change after the color variation specification cannot be accepted.
Due to the order production, the cancellation fee will be incurred in case of cancellation.
Price(Tentative) 900,000JPY(exclude 8% Japanese Consumption Tax)
Bundled items Desk mounting plate, AC adapter, 1 small clamp
Body Color Up to two colors: Free of Charge
Color Variations 30,000 yen increase per color added
Excluding RT logos 30,000 yen increase
Place your own logo 80,000 JPY/side
The logo will be up to fifteen characters and cannot mark a fine symbol marks.
Manual & Download*Providing Japanese version only
Manual  (ver.1.0) 2018/07/17(621KB)
Information for developers of CRANE-X7 2018/12/06 Last updated:2018/12/06
Sample program of CRANE-X7 2018/11/08 Last updated:2018/12/06
Hardware information using arm robot of CRANE series 2018/11/08 Last updated:2019/09/19
ROS package of CRANE-X7 2018/11/29 Last updated:2019/01/312020/02/13