The Basic Robot Arm

Crane is a product for those who want to develop ROS based arm robot at a low cost.
CRANE+V2 Dimensions

  ROS Compatible
Works with ROS(Robot Operating System).
Expand field of research by combining various ROS packages.
  Sample Program
The Teaching sample program (for Linux) can be used for free.
Model Number RT-CRANE-P
Working Range 176mm
Operating Speed See Internal motor specifications
Payload weight 80g
Degree of freedom 4
Size 77.5×65×385(㎜)
Weight 412g
Communication RS485
Power Source Sold Separately (SMPS 12V 5A PS-10[US-110V]recommended)
Price Self Assembly Kit: 46000JPY(exclude 10% Japanese Consumption Tax)
Completed Product: 66000JPY(exclude 10% Japanese Consumption Tax)
* Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice due to improvements or other circumstances.
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Improvements from previous version
You can choose the finished product or self assemble kit
When you use an assembly kit, you can understand the structure of the robot while assembling it, and it is useful for maintenance.
Changed the shape of the baseplate
Mounting holes are added to adopt Turtlebot2 and 3.
ICRANE+V2 Dimensions