Palm-Sized Study Kit

Small mobile robot for learning about sensing technology, microcomputers and AI.

Electronic manual with photographs and courtesy commentary
Contains glossary, basic knowledge, and instruction manual.
Finished product kit that can be developed immediately
Since it is pre-assembled, possible to develop as soon as the power is turned on.
6 axis IMU installed
Positioning estimation is possible with 3 acceleration axis and 3 gyro axis.
Sample program teaching materials
Featuring step-by-step learning from the basics of programming to maze analysis algorithms.
Approximately 20g lightweight autonomous robot
Compact, lightweight, easy to carry and space-saving for development.
Magnetic encoder installed
Possible to control speed of robot through two small encoders.
The HM-StarterKit is a palm-sized independent two-wheel mobile robot with many sensors.
It offers higher performance than Pi:Co Classic3 and permits development in a smaller space.
Using the unit, it is possible to learn the basics of wheeled robots, such as motor control, sensor sensing and odometry.
The maze analysis algorithm utilizing the sensor and motor is designed to learn the real world application of artificial intelligence.
Model Number RT-HM-SK
CPU Board RX631(R5F5631MDDFL)
Motor MK06-4.5
Motor Mount HM_Motor Mount
Sensor Photo Reflector(LBR-127)、ICM-20648(6 axis IMU)、MA700(magnetic encoder)
Wheel HM_gear wheel
Tire 20Tire for Micro Mouse 20 degrees
Size 53x40x12(mm)
Battery lithium polymer battery 1 cell 150mhA
Weight Approximately 20g (including battery)
Degrees of Freedom 2
Development Environment Windows7, Windows10
Price Set 89,000 yen (tax excluded)
*Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice due to improvement or other circumstances.
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Set Contents
Micro Mouse (refer specifications)
Battery *1
Battery extension cable*1
Charging and writing board*1
Development Environment:(CS+、Manual、Sample Program)
Options (parts for maintenance)
HM-gear wheel
HM-Motor Mount
Motor MK06-4.5
Tire for Micro Mouse 10/20/30 degrees
Manual & Download*Providing Japanese version only
GITHUB HM-StarterKit Sample program.
 Last updated:2019/09/05
PDF HM-StarterKit manual.Only Japanese manual is provided.