Micro Mouse Learning Kit
You can learn a wide range of fundamentals of robot production such as artificial intelligence, microcomputer, mechanical, and electricity.

Micro Mouse Learning Kit
Pi: Co CLASSIC3 is an assembly robot kit designed in accordance with the Micro Mouse Classic standard.
Kit comes with a basic knowledge-based instruction manual composed of a lot of photographs and a detailed explanation.
By packaging parts Clearly, the order of assembly is obvious to beginners
Sample program material icluded.
You can learn from the fundamentals of programming to the algorithm for the maze capture step by step.
Solder practice board included.
You can start the assembly of the robot after getting accustomed to soldering.
Pi:Co Classic3 can be assembled cleanly because the parts are packed in order.
This robot is movable by programming along the manual and is possible to learn the robot technology with itself.
The Maze analysis algorithm utilizing the Sensor and motor is designed to learn the real world application of artificial intelligence.
Model Number RT-PC003
CPU Board RT-RX631
Motor Stepping Motor(minebea)
Sensors Photo Transistor ST-1KL3A
Wheel  Aluminum Wheels φ44mm
Tire For φ44 7.5mm width, 2mm Thickness
Size 120×73×80(mm)
Battery LiPo 3 cells 1000 mAh
Weight 520g
Degree of Freedom 2
Development environment Windows7, Windows10
* Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice due to improvements or other circumstances.

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Kit contents
Assemble kit for Pi:Co Classic3
LiPo Battery
USB Cable
Development environment Information
(CS+, Manual, and Sample Programs)
46,000 JPY (exclude 10% Japanese Consumption Tax)
LiPo Battery Charger LBC-010
 LiPo Battery Charger LBC-010 and AC adapter (12V5A)
Official Maze for Micro Mouse Classic
Maze is made up of pillars, walls and bases.
Maze is the same specification as the official standard, it is ideal for the adjustment of the mouse.
Please inquire about the price and the details.
Pole 1pc
Wall 1pc
Maze Base 4×6 1(900×1260mm)
Pi:Co Ciassic3 manual.Only Japanese manual is provided & Sample program.