Perfect kit for learning artificial intelligence and robotics

Learn hardware building and software development with Raspberry Pi Cat: perfect for education and research!

Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer developed by Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK-based educational charity. As of September 2016, more than ten million Raspberry Pis have been sold worldwide.
You will learn how to use LINUX, a widely used operating system.
You will learn how to build in and network.
You can use your own Raspberry Pi (3B, 2B, B+).
Raspberry Pi Cat supports several programming languages such as Python, C++ and Java; open-source device driver and code are accessible at the web-based hosting service Github.
(Raspberry Pi Cat is like a Raspberry Pi Mouse without an RTM)
Compatible with ROS (Robot Operating System), a robot control middleware.
Open-source device driver and code accessible at Github.
Raspberry Pi Cat runs on ROS ? and can be operated outdoors!
It’s a wheeled mobile robot controlled with Raspberry Pi ? a tiny computer that is just perfect to learn programming. Being a scaled-up version of Raspberry Pi Mouse, Raspberry Pi Cat can be operated with the same device driver as Raspberry Pi Mouse. Also, you may fit your PC on the top of the Raspberry Pi Cat and connect your PC with Raspberry Pi using UART or LAN ? resolving any computing limitations Raspberry Pi may have.
Test run video of Raspberry Pi Cat conducted on June 19, 2018
PC connections LAN (serial transmission)
Computers Raspberry Pi 3B, Raspberry Pi 2B, Raspberry Pi B+
Motors Two gear motors with encoders and 40:1 gear ratio
Sensors Four ultrasonic sensors
Input/Output ports According to Raspberry Pi configuration
Audio One programmable buzzer
Buttons Three push buttons
LED Four programmable LEDs, one power status LED indicator
Batteries Portable power supply
Weight 6kg (including batteries)
Size W490×D305×H230(mm)
Price (estimated price) 200,000 Japanese Yen (10%VAT-exclusive)
*Specifications and price subject to change due to continuous improvements.
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Speed From approximately 0.3m/s to 1m/s
Payload 5kg (expected)
Kit contents
Raspberry Pi Cat (body)
Raspberry Pi 3B
micro 16GB with OS
(Raspbian device driver preinstalled)
Portable power supply
Emergency stop switch
Optional accessory products
Laser range scanner URG-04LX-UG01manufactured and sold by Hokuyo can be mounted in the edge.
(Sold separately)
Intel RealSenseD435 can be attached to the body.
(Sold separately)
Manual & Download*Providing Japanese version only
Raspberry Pi Cat manual.Only Japanese manual is provided. vol,1.2(2019/03/11)
Setup information
The last updated.2020/02/07
Device driver
The last updated.
ROS package for Raspberry Pi Cat based on “Learning ROS robot programming with Raspberry Pi”
The last updated.2019/02/08
ROS package of Raspberry Pi Cat
The last updated.2018/09/18
Raspberry Pi Catをゲームパッドで操作するためのROSパッケージ
The last updated.2019/02/21
Raspberry Pi CatでSLAMを用いてマッピングをするためのROSパッケージ
The last updated.2019/11/11