17-axis Torso humanoid robot for research purposes

With a 3D camera built in the head, this upper-body humanoid robot offers the possibility to choose among three control options: position, speed and current (torque).

This product is built to order item.

Picture of the robot currently under development.
Size of a grown female
Intuitive operation thanks to its unique design: the axial structure and the length of the arms are about the size of a grown female. 
Selectable control mode
Position, speed and torque (current) control modes available with the use of ROBOTIS servo motors.
Standard ROS compatibility
Possibility to broaden the scope of research by combining various ROS packages.
Two-fingered end effectors (standard feature)
Built-in double swing hand allowing immediate pick-and-place upon delivery.
7-axis-structure per arm + 1-axis back + 2-axis neck
Ability to avoid obstacles and perform tasks thanks to the arm’s axial redundancy; arm extendable thanks to the back axis.
Sciurus17 is an upper-body humanoid robot with a 17-axis-structure head equipped with a 3D camera. It offers the possibility to choose among three control options: position, speed and current (torque).
Sciurus17 is compact, stylish and operates intuitively, thanks to the axis structure and the length of the arms that were designed to be about the size of a grown female.
The arm is structured with seven axes which provides redundancy and allows the robot to avoid obstacles and perform tasks. By using the back axis, the robot can also extent its arms.
Sciurus17 is ROS (Kinetic Kame)-compatible and a variety of ROS packages may be used in high-level processing tasks carried out in research and development.
*ROS (Robot Operating System) is an open source software that helps software developers to create robot applications.
Countless researchers and developers have been able to easily assemble versatile programs by using ROS packages and tools.
Demonstration video ? Sciurus17 piling up boxes

*Due to continuous improvement form may change without prior notice.
The effective range of work 1200mm in diameter
Motion speed see built-in motor specifications
Weight capacity approximately 0.5kg
Degree of freedom head (2), right arm (7), left arm (7), back (1) amounting 17 axes; 2 separate axes, one for the right hand and the other for the left hand
Size H200×W390×D480(mm) 
Weight approximately 6.0kg (including mounting brackets)
Communication Three RS485 (right arm, left arm, head+body) and two USB3.0
External interface USB2.0, two USB3.0, and LAN
Built-in motors XM430-W350-R, XM540-W270-R, and XM540-W150-R manufactured by ROBOTIS
Power source 12V 12.5A 150W
Camera Realsense D415 manufactured by Intel
Chassis 3D-printed chassis
Price 3,000,000 Japanese Yen (10%VAT-exclusive) 
Delivering This product is built to order.
It takes about 3 months from receiving the order to delivering.
* Specifications and prices subject to change without notice due to continuous improvements.
Please Contact us for your purchase.
Sciurus17 Size specifications
Example of a ROS displayed in the screen
The picture illustrating the use of ROS.
The colors of the robot displayed in the screen are red and white.
Optional products and services
Installation of additional sensors and other products and services: please contact us for more information.
■Manual & Download*Providing Japanese version only
Sciurus17 Product
Sciurus17 Getting Started Guide (ver.1.0) 2018/10/30
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