Robot Inside Charactor
RIC is a robot that can express the softness and warmth necessary for touching people by playing a role by wearing a costume.

  Soft Touch
Soft and gentle touch can be created through the costume.
Also its light weight makes it easy to handle with.
In addition to RT original Costume, customers can choose or design costume of their own.
  Easy Operation
Because of the lightweight structure, RIC can be easily carried by a single operator.
RIC is operable by a game controller or PC.
RIC Immediately starts up after turning its switch ON, which enables to respond to a sudden performance request.
  Easy Power Management
Stand-alone operation by rechargeable batteries or long time operation by connecting to external power supply can be selected.
  1 meter height
The size of character difficult to wear by a human adult is realized by RIC.
The height is familiar especially for children.
  Humanoid robot
RIC is a humanoid robot that can communicate with people.
Additional degree of freedom, generic sensors or various PC and OS can be installed.
For Safty
By saving the weight and dressing a costume, accidents such as jamming will be reduced.
RIC is made to become lightweight for easy carrying and for safety.
It is capable of being carried by a suitcase.
Beside wearing an Rt original “Neko Tencho(Cat shop master)” costumes accompanied with various purposes and applications.
University’s mascot is one of the examples.
Ric can be used in a wide range of entertainment.
Servo Motor FUTABA RS405CB、RS406CB
Main Board Exclusive controller, Raspberry Pi
Height 900mm
Weight 7000g without costume
Degree of freedom (arm) 3 to 7
Degree of freedom (neck) 1 to 3
Power Supply Battery, External Power Supply
Continuous operation time 3 hours (by Battery)
Controller Wireless Control
Motion Editor Exclusive Motion Editor
Price Starting from 4,000,000JPY
* Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice due to improvements or other circumstances.
Pre Installed Motion
Walking and Gesture
Due to the condition of the floor surface, walking may be difficult.
Hands Extension, Neck Extension, Chatting, Dancing, and Original Motion
This product is built to order. (The delivery time of the basic product will be three months.