RT Academy
An AI education and Training Service, effective for 〝Training and Recruiting Human Resources”
In recent years, we have had many clients saying ゛It is getting difficult to recruit the right person”.
It is extremely difficult to recruit much-in-demand excellent robot engineers who are capable of embedded technologies
such as mechanical design, sensor and motor control,in addition recent demand for handling the cloud and AI.Furthermore it is difficult to recruit business persons who can respond service robot and AI which is in the expansion phase of introduction.
However, educating and training your own employee is easier than recruiting the right person.
Moreover, providing training to students when recruiting new graduates and being able to touch the latest technology, are attractive and increase motivation for students to choose the company where they work, and help to reduce the possibility of student declining a job offer.゛I understand that the importance of education, training and improving engineers’ skill,
but people who can teach are busy and there are no resources to provide training in my company”
At RT Coporation, have experienced lecturers and quality teaching materials that meet client needs
including the professional education for engineers, for the management of robot promoting ・ AI business,and an introductory course for business persons,
In March 2018, we will acquire employment placement business accreditation and will expand our recruitment support services.
Contracted Development Service
You want to start a robot business and make robots but don’t know where to start?
You have an idea and budget but do not know what to do?
Please do not hesitate to contact us for consulting services at such times.
The first one hour interview is free.
Robot Development
Our speciality is not only communication robots, but also remote control robots for VR, bipedal walking robot up to 120 cm in height, and wheeled type from small to life size.
We have a proven track record of development since we have a know-how for developing all service robots in general, such as network interlocking.
Please leave it to us!
Proceed with development according to your budget. Please feel free to contact us.
Basic price: 1.5 million yen (excluding tax and material costs)
Hardware and Software Development
Robots consist of board development, mechanical development, software development and various know-how.
Regarding boards, we have know-how and proven track record of the sensor board, motor driver, CPU board, power supply circuit.
In addition, we have a proven development track record including automation production , network interlocking etc.
In case of the measuring equipment, using our know-how of sensors, we can provide total support including selection of sensors to be measured and filtering software.
contract Manufacturing Service (CMS)
Entertainment Robot for character costumes
RIC is a robot that can express the softness and warmth necessary for touching people by playing a role by wearing a costume.
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RIC Torso
Upper body double arm robot for interaction and service research
RIC Torso is a torso-type research robot that has multidegree of freedom like human body and recognizes the surrounding environment.
RIC Vehicle
RIC Vehicle is a platform robot to carrying the RIC Torso and others.
Gravel Collection Robot for Drone
A robot that collects gravel in a place such as an eruption zone where people can not enter
Compound Biopsy Service
Zebra fish Testing
We offer experimental services using zebrafish at a lower price than the service using the mouse.
In the United States and Europe, there is a law to use zebrafish for the toxicity test of the compound.
Our testing service allows you to quickly and accurately analyze the effects of test compounds on the organism at the same level as the mouse.